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Sunday, December 21, 2008
♥ 12:51 AM

Once again, i'm back to work after one month of study break but soon i'm going for another one month break to prepare for my final exam and i think this time round seriously important. However, today back to work. I have those kind of feelings. I feel like resigning. I feel like making a transfer. I feel like finding another job. I feel that everything is changing. I feel that everyone are changing. I fee, i feel & i feel ! What if i resign?What if i make a transfer? I'll definitely miss those crazy but fun managers whom i love to work with. I have lose the motivation to work on. Have only bee away for just one month, i have already noticed the change. I fee the gap between us, i dont know who i can trust, you have become a stranger to me. I may seem happy, i can joke & fool around but do you actually know how i feel and think inside? I dont even know what i'm thinking because i'm totally confuse on what's going on. Whenever there is any event or occasion, June & i are the one only who will actually fork out our time without being paid to do those decoration whereas the rest are happily enjoying their day out with their friends. When they claim that the decoration/party team are the ones who need to do those decoration. Whenever they have got new promotion, they either go to june or me. Regardless whether i have got school the next day, exam comng up, i stil need to make the effort to think of those decoration. I cant possibly leave june alone to do those job. Its honestly totally too unfair, not only to me but to june also. June claim that its unfair but what can we do? I have been losing temper towardsthe customer when i know i cant doing this but i just cant control myself. Recently i'm being quite bad-tempered. I dont know why too.
Viknesh told me that he intend to return back work because he need the money. I have already told muliani and i was thinking: " meaning i cant transfer/resign?" I once told him that if he comes back to work i wont resign but.................................... I dont know! I DONT KNOW!

Show me the true colours of yours.
The gap between us is too far apart.
Tell me you're someone whom i can trust.
I can't seems to understand you guys anymore.
Tell me whatever things you said are the truth & not a lie.
Can we be like last time whe we share everything & anything under the sky?
I dont know & i seriously dont wish to know.

Thursday, December 18, 2008
♥ 11:05 PM


Badminton with my classmates, was a last minute thing. Booked the court @ Clementi Sport Hall at 1pm. As usual, almost everyone was late except for hockleng, cm, mabelynn and myself. Before i start to play, i predict i will have body aches! Really, it did happen and its like damn painful! I think i played too long that's why its much more painful than before during my sport & wellness. I dont know whether i shld blame the coach for training me to hit so hard that the shuttlecock flew all the way off court or did i hit it too hard. Before i took up badminton for S&W, my shuttlecock cant even touch the white line at the back but now, it actually pass the white line. Because the coach always train us to hit far & high, and that cause me to lose in so quite a number of matches. =.=
After which, suppose to have steamboat but its like ridiculous because all of us are so sweaty & smelly. Having steamboat will make us sweat even more. We just went over to the nearby KFC & settle down with our breakfast + lunch which is at 5pm which dinner maybe consider one of it too. All of us are so sweaty, so all of us decided to head home but for me i head down to store. Wanted to check for my schedule for this coming saturday but that attitude manager have not do the schedule which makes my trip wasted! Slack around and went down to Farrer park to ST product & waited for SL to off work and went home with her. Because have to wake up the next day at 7am!!!!
A day out at sentosa! Our first meeting after Simon came back from Melbourne. This month is really not a good month to be choose to go out to sentosa but we actually risk it. I choose this date partly because i wont be free after 20december. After knowing that we will be visiting sentosa on this day, simon is like extremely happy and cant wait for this day. I think its because he hardly have time to spent in singapore as he's living in malaysia. This is like the 3rd time i'm hanging out with him i guess! And that shows how hardly we can meet when he is in malaysia. But i guess it will be damn hard for us to meet up in future because he is now currently studying in Melbourne. We really had fun playing, having mud+ sand attack. Sharon, mingming & i were not being attacked by those ROUGH guys. Xinyi was the unlucky one! However, we were all so being kind-hearted, we created sand mua ji for xinyi. We actually came out with a video on how we do the sand mua ji which can be use for attacks. However the video is with simon and he is yet to send it to me so i cant upload it here. Its not a bad weather but neither is it a good weather because there is no sunlight!! I miss the burning feeling left on me after sun tanning!! When will be sun be back in action once again? Though there is no sunlight, i stil got myself tanned but not too much which i hope it will be very much. Settle our lunch at KFC ( Not again but most of them want KFC so no choice!) While having lunch, we decided to head down to simon's house! Because we never been there so we took bus 61 down to bukit timah! Honestly, its a TORTURE!!! Its not the bus trip but its the walking distance! Its extremely far for us, its like one bus-stop distance to us and simon claim that he is used to it -.-
At simon's place, we found back our childhood game- UNO! Had two round of UNO but then it took us almost 2hours but still we cant fnish the game and had to leave his place because he is meeting cindy huijing @ town. The funniest thing is that he dont even know what block he stays, he only know the way there. Amazing huh? When the sercurity asked him what block and he is like errrr? I dont know but its that block over there ( Pointing toward the block ) All of us like HUH? simon? You dont know what block you stay? Then do you know which unit & level u stay? Everyone of us took bus 75 home & its a long day!!

Look at that evil laugh on simon's face!!! He's not a good boy! Which i certainly agrees to it

Meet up with CS gang today!! However, not all can make it which is like quite sad because it will be lots of fun with all of them present. Its has been awhile since i last play CS with them. We played for like 3hours but the guys are so engross in dont know what commander so xinyi & i went to walk around cineleisure & played photo hunt. At first we clicked on the wrong button which lead us to photo hunt but its exotic version and we were like laughing non-stop and covering the screen because many people were walking past us. Settle our dinner at kobayashi and waited for arri at the same time. Intend to catch a movie at cineleisure but xinyi claim that she is broke so we went down to plaza sing thinking that we can get a good seat and also xinyi wont go bankrupt after the movie BUT! There was a long Q and we want to watch twilight, sad to say that its selling fast and we will not get a good place so we went down to vivocity because xinyi asked one of her friend to reserved the tickets for her. The show starts only at 9.40pm excluding the commercial and in between we have got almost up to 3hours to spend! So we went to the sky garden and right now i can say i have got good eyesight! Because i can recognise ruby from her back when everyone of her say its not her!! As i was walking nearer i heard her talking and i called out for her name. So we sat down and chat about our secondary school life, about our 'beloved' mrs kumar and all sort of stuffs. The movie ended around 12am and simon have to cabbed home because its a long way for him. Its also the first time we hang out together till 12am. Next tuesday meeting them again for seoul garden!!

Monday, December 15, 2008
♥ 2:07 AM

I'll make sure u laugh till all your teeth drop
I'll make sure u have got no teeth to chew all your favorite gummies
Don't let me see your face because i'm gonna make you lose all your teeth
You better hide yourself in one hole and pray that i can't find you
You better go for extreme makeover till i can't recognize you
You better hide your BIG head small body which i can't really stand its weirdness
Someone who named herself as JOANNA And whose real name is TEO WENYAN

Actually i'm someone who is so kind-hearted, helpful, forgiveness, happy-go-lucky, cheerful, understanding, crazy, considerate and friendly. Saying all this words here is seriously not like me. Why would i do this to my partner who always bring me for merry-go-round which i actually miss it right now. I'm not that evil till i'll make your teeth drop, i'll probably leave one single teeth for you incase you miss your teeth which u need it when u are taking curry-kueh pose.
Alright i'm gonna stop typing all this nonsense here because i still have to wake up early tomorrow to join my friends for badminton which really did spoil my sleeping plan.

♥ 1:04 AM

Finally, this adidas metal candy is mine. At the beginning, actually wanted puma watch but after much consideration, decided to purchase adidas watch. Within 5minutes, i spent 168bucks. What i know is that this metal candy is the latest adidas watch and previously adidas candy watch was so popular that almost every single person walking on the street wears that. I believe that soon metal candy will also be popular on the street. I purchase the silver metal candy because i feel that the others are not that attractive to me
Christmas present from my dad :D

Next on list will be this Crumpler Barney Rustle Blanket! I know this bag have been out in store for quite a period already and thousand or million people are having this design/colour. But i just wanna get this but yet have the time to purchase it.
Birthday present from my dad? (Still far away, 3more months) I doubt so because he will say " so many bags already still wanna buy" He had been nagging about me buying bags non-stop. Recently i just purchase a bag which is only 70bucks and he say its expensive, and how about this 171.15 bag?

-How i wish u was there the other day-

Saturday, December 13, 2008
♥ 1:15 AM

HockLeng, the pro among us!
Yujuin, the flying ball pro!
A day out with my NgeeAnn mates! For those previous 'outing' are to either Eastcoast or chalet but this time round, a change in venue. No more east coast or chalet but to shopping center! This is the very first time i'm hanging out with them for movie, pool, arcade etc.. For the past 5months, coming to 6months, i have never actually hang out with them till late night unless for studies(when almost three-quarter of the time is talking).
Went around Marina Square spending money on arcade/pool/movie/dinner.
Ate sakae sushi today and tired quiet a number of the sushi which i never tried b4 and used to think that it will never taste nice to me. One thing will never change is that i will never eat raw food because i feel that it is really disgusting. I dont know why but it gives me that kinda feeling. But tody we still ordered raw food because the guy say whatever we order they will eat, but in the end they finally voice out and said that they actually dont eat raw stuffs. Looking towards to their direction, the food are all cleared. Sakae sushi was like kinda a buffet type so after they voice out we did not order any raw food because it will be like just a torture to ourselves.
'The Day The Earth Stood Still' I know nuts before watching this movie. But upon hearing that this show is awesome, its excellent and whatever great words describing this movie coming out from other people's mouth. After the movie then i know its all about aliens invading into our planet, telling human that they are going to die because the earth is going to die and they aliens are here to save the earth instead of humans. Honestly this show ain't that great, ain't awesome like what others have said and its just a ordinary movie but with great effect that's all.
After the movie we have no where to head to so we just walk aimlessly. Mabelynn suggest that we go to mind cafe at Clarke Quay so we walked all the way from marina square over to clarke quay and after that back to marina square because by the time we play with those boardgame, it will be damn late because the next hockleng still have to work. Although he claim that its okay with him but then i know it will be damn tiring because i tried that before. Reaching home at around 1am and have to wake up at 7am to prepare for work. Its way too tiring!
Got myself another ear-hole. 4th hole in total and 3rd on my left ear.
Just only then i realise that the stud is pink in colour! F**K that guy man! Wonder whether does he know how to pierce a ear-hole or not. He did not even tell me that he is going to pierce Which gave me a shock and unprepared. He did not even tell me that the stud is pink in colour because i dont wear pink colour stud. He did not even allow me to choose the stud because i dont know what kinda stud he choose. I still prefer the girl who used to pierce my ear. Baby, mingming, yaya should know who i am referring to :D

Tuesday, December 9, 2008
♥ 12:08 AM

The day whe Mr SimonEdwardTayJiaHao arrived back in Singapore.
Was at the airport 'fetch' him. 9.35pm @ Terminal 3. Lied to him that non of us are free that day. Saw simon's dad and told him that we will be going into hiding and asked him not to tell simon that we are there. His father is such a good actor! He even ask simon where are your friends when he knows that we are there. WAITED AND WAITED! Finally @ 10pm he came out! We actually surprised him by coming out by his back and hs mum suggest that we go to the Kopitiam at the basement. We chatted for like an hour or so. Manage to catch the last train back from Changi Airport if not i'm gonna waste $$ on taxi fare again.
Looking out for simon and also talking on the phone with sharon
Chatting happily
The whole of us!

Yesterday i was suppose to be at home or maybe outside mugging for my common test tomorrow with my friends. However, i was @ sentosa, not having sun tanning but attending my cousin's wedding. Its not wedding dinner but wedding lunch @ sentosa. My father woke me up early in the morning at 8am to prepare when her wedding only starts at 12pm. He's damn freaking anxious about the wedding and he sounds as if he is the one who is getting married. He kept rushing me so i told him off! "If you continue nagging i wont go, you choose!" Because the night before i told him i dont wanna go because common test i coming up and i have not study for that module and he said that its just for awhile moreover its also my cousin. What he said wasn't true, the wedding last for almost 4hours and i sat there drinking with my sister and uncle. Uncle was drank and talking non-stop.
To cousin Lisa
May the happiness you experience on your wedding day remain with you both for many years to come. Congratulations!

oldest cousin and her husband
cousin Lisa and her husband ALex
My uncles- oldest, average, youngest & my step-uncle
Finally seeing me wearing white?

Happily eating his sharkfin!
My eldest cousin's son, Keith. My nephew?
With sister in the toilet =.=

Incomplete with some missing.
SISTER, ME, COUSIN LISA, ALEX ( I dont know whether to call him uncle alex or what)
This is such a long post & i'm having common test tomorrow & its my first paper.
Its time to end of my post right here!
Be right back again

Wednesday, December 3, 2008
♥ 11:38 PM

"I believe that 3years gonna past real soon! I'm gonna graduate from Ngee Ann Polytechnic after 3years! I'm gonna make it through. ''
Like as if i can! Struggling right now in my first year and how can i possibly make it through the 3years. I know i have been lying to myself that i can make it through. I wanna get the diploma when i know i cant possible get it that easily when i dont even work hard for it. After getting the diploma i wanna study hair-dressing. Ain't i crazy for not choosing that at the very start after i got my results? I'm not crazy and i'm not stupid for making such a big route in my life.
I cant guarantee that i can get the diploma but i'm willing to try. I wish i can get the diploma and after which i will continue my studies but in Electrical Engineering anymore but to hair-dressing.
In future if i cant make a living in becoming a electrician i can try my luck in becoming a hair-stylist which i always wanted to do so.
I really regret! I regret that i did not choose hair-dressing in the first place which made myself suffer like hell when i need to face PHYSIC & 'A' maths. If i had not choose polytechnic in the first place, i wouldn't have met these crazy bunch of classmates who never failed to make me laugh, crapping all sort of jokes.
Right now my mind is full of Zener diode, forward & reverse bias, KVL & KCL rule, V=IR, Q=CV and all sort of equations and names appearing because COMMON TEST is arriving next week!! After which i will have 3weeks holiday which i believe i dont consider it a holiday when i still need to work. At the mean time i will not forget to enjoy myself!

-Counter-strike with simon and gang!
-Sun-tanning [i know i wont get tanned but still i wanna be out under the sun]
-badminton which we have been complaining about
-cycyling which ming told me last semester and yet to be done
-Christmas celebration which cant be missed!
Lots of event lining up!
Get over with common test and holiday here i come!

Saturday, November 29, 2008
♥ 11:26 PM

"Do not wait; the time will never be "just right'. Start where you stand, and work with whatever tools you may have at your command, and better tools will be found as you go along."

Waking up early in the morning is totally not my way of living. I wont wake up until the clock struck 1pm or so. Its weekend today and have to wake up early and cant get my precious sleep! Cousin's wedding is coming real soon and uncle, aunt & cousin came over today early morning just to bring over the wedding cakes. Not only this which cause me to give up my precious sleep, its also CRYSTAL, YUJUIN, YILIN & CHEEMENG. Planned to study in school today at 12pm @ school atrium but all of them were all late, EXTREMELY LATE. Especially Crystal, she did not even make her way to school due to some reason. Honestly, i'm someone who wont really study when i'm at home. What i usually does is that i can face my expensive laptop up to hours or even the whole. You will ask me what i do when i'm online for such long hours. Friendster, facebook, reading others blog (typical singapore style= busybody), msn & last but not least drama show or movies. I'll always dump my bag at one corner of the house and stick to this stupid screen for hours. However, today i did a SLIGHT change! I actually did those tutorials myself and of cause with a little of yujuin.
Order McDelivery and i told them to call upon arrival and not MISSED CALL ME UPON ARRIVAL! Instead of CALLING me he MISSED CALL me which pissed me off. I was curious who called me so i return the call and he said:" Hi i'm calling from Mcdonals delivery, i'm at block 1 and you can come collect your thing." Once i hang up the call i started cursing and swearing at him. So we 'enjoyed' the food which we actually don't and back to work again! After Yujuin went home we were like no mood to study because no one is there to help me with AC & AEL so we went on talking happily about everything under the sky! After long conversation, we then realise that its 7.30pm so packed up and return back home!! That's not the latest that i have stayed in school so far, the latest was with mabelynn and crystal due to ECPRO project. Miss those days when we were gossipping about others in those dark atmoshpere @ the canteen when not a single light was on and have to depends on handphones ad laptops.
Was told to purchase a present for Gary by June. Don't really feel like helping because common test is just one week away and still ill-prepared! Upon hearing that she don't have time to purchase it, i was thinking that i hardly have time too! Wanted to ask someone to accompany me tomorrow because i was thinking of having a day break for myself but everyone seems to be much more busier than i am. Either almost everyone are having exam the coming week or some need to work and unable to make it. I think i have to purchase it by myself tomorrow! 'Why do i have to agree to it at the first place?' I don't know too! Sacrificing my time to do this! Did i made the wrong move? I wish i did not.
If SORRY can solve everything i wish i will be sorry FOREVER.
I accept the way you define Friends.

Thursday, November 27, 2008
♥ 9:48 PM

What is Juvenile Delinquency? Juvenile delinquency refers to criminal acts performed by juveniles . Examples of acts of Juvenile Delinquents are vandalism, truancy, shop lifting, extortion, sexual offences, drug trafficking , abusing animal/people and physical aggression which may include harmful weapons, just to name a few.

Yesterday went around Ngee Ann Polytechnic with Chee Meng and Crystal. We went to Ngee Ann Alumni and next to SIM. Why do we have so much time to do this? Guess what? I actually have to gut to skipped the lesson. I did not mean to skip lesson but the teacher makes me do this. Does this consider the act of Juvenile Delinquency? Crystal and i suggested to walk over to SIM to have our lunch instead of having it at Ngee Ann. Honestly, its a long way there. At first i dont know the way there because i never walk over to SIM before, i have only walked over to Ngee Ann from SIM. So i recalled the way, Cheemeng and crystal have doubts the i know the way there. But in the end, we reach SIM! Wanted to go over to Ngee Ann Alumni to have our lunch but once we pull open the door, its so high class, so grand and most importantly its over crowded.
After having our lunch, crystal and i came up with a scenario. Because we stll have got one hour left and we have more than enough time to return back to class and have our lesson for like 30mins? 45mins?

TEACHER: Where did you went? You took so long to come back.

US: I went to the toilet.

TEACHER: But the toilet is just next door.

US: *Surprised* OH? Sure? Turn left or right?

Teacher: Left.

US: We turn right.

Teacher: Where did you go after you trun right?

US: We walked all the way to SIM.

Teacher: *Puzzled* FOR?

US: We went to have our lunch :)

Ain't we interesting? Coming up with this kinda conversation.

Having common test the following week and i'm stil unprepared. Of the three modules, i don't have any confidence for any of the papers. Even for 'A' maths, i still unsure about some parts.

Gonna study for the common test this weekend.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008
♥ 3:20 PM

Don't assume that you know me well when you don't.
Don't pretend that i mean a lot to you when actually i don't.
Don't teach me how i should live my life when you're just nobody to me.
Don't tell me logic stuffs when u don't even have logic at the first place.
Don't make decision for me when i don't need you to do that at the start.
You are not me and you can't be me. I'm not you and i don't wish to be you.
Just leave alone!